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Site Name Title User Category Site Info / last one month access count (In Out)
Alpha English Language School Adult Programmes, Junior Programme, Accommodation and Leisure Activities. boris 51 You will find Muslim Names, Urdu Books, English Urdu Dictionary & Urdu Keyboard. boris 49
Nihongo o Narau - Learn Japanese It offers Vocabulary, Grammar lessons, Expressions, Conversations, Songs, Photos boris 44
Bellaire High School Hindi Department - This school offer courses outlines for Beginner's. boris 42
INTERNATIONAL HOME WORK Learn the hindi language, practice vowels and consonants here on line. boris 41
Syracuse University You can find Hindi lessons on Basic Vocabulary, Nationalities and Languages. boris 33
Virtual matchbox labels museum This site is dedicated to matchbox labels and matchcovers - the small artworks t stasdm 27
The English Language Training College Our College provides the most experienced, and best Qualified Teachers. boris 27
Japanese Language A simplified form for Jeffrey's japanese, English dictionary server and more toshito 21
Hassan Massoudy In this site you will find Calligraphy by Hassan Massoudy. boris 19 The world's largest real-time database of English Language Teaching Jobs. boris 18
Transitions Abroad Teaching English in Africa. Volunteer Opportunities Abound for Young and Old. boris 18
Mastery Television Online Education and Personal Development TV masterytv 17
Hassan Massoudy - Arabic Calligraphy One of the most important calligrapher in the world. boris 17
Spanish language courses in Barcelona Spanish language school in the centre of Barcelona emem 15
Akhlesh's Homepage of Preschool Hindi Alphabet, simple words for kids to learn reading and writing Pre-school hindi. boris 15
California Flower Art Academy School near San Francisco/San Jose featuring Floral Designs & Flower Arrangement martha 14
Elementary Japanese Language Course Excellent course, audio mp3 files, vocabulary trainer, grammar,kanji worksheets toshito 14
Hiragana Writing Let's study Japanese. It's Free! olowolow 14
Japanese Picture Gallery We offers Dictionary of history and traditions, Fast kanji look-up dictionary. boris 13
Reall Languages Free phonics resources for teachers and parents. Interactive exercises. boris 13
Hindi: The language of songs You will find information on Hindi speaking regions, Dialects of Hindi and more. boris 13
Hiragana Writing Let's study Japanese. It's Free! olowolow 13
Kana Flashcards This is a page for learning hiragana, one of the Japanese syllabaries. boris 12
The Kanji SITE This site explains how kanji are used within actual words and sentences. boris 12
Baby Hindustani DVDs to teach kids Hindi through simple objects, colors and numbers. babyhindustani 12
Instituto Sol-Malaga Spanish Courses. Living and learning go together at the teacher's home. boris 12
Instituto Allende International School of Higher Education in the Visual Arts and Spanish. boris 12
Acadia Center for English Immersion It provides the highest quality intensive English courses for adults. boris 12
On-line Japanese Study Let's study Japanese. It's Free! olowolow 12
On-line Japanese Study Let's study Japanese. It's Free! olowolow 12
Actilangue School for French We offer you French lessons. French language course. French educational holidays boris 11
L'atelier des langues Our French courses in a friendly atmosphere ensure your active participation. boris 11
Ukindia Learn to read Write to let us know how you like these lessons. boris 11
UPenn Page for Hindi Alphabet Was developed with a partial grant from the Consortium for Language Teaching. boris 11
University of Washington Elementary Hindi, Reading, writing, and conversation. Advanced Hindi, and more. boris 11 Free Japanese Lessons on the Internet. Life, culture and Japan's history. boris 11
YesJapan Corporation We offer Japanese Writing Lessons, 4000+ Kanji Sentences, Japanese Grammar boris 11
Japanese 101 - The Foreigner Hiragana & katakana, Pronunciation, Useful phrases, Kanji, Grammar, Lessons 1-8. boris 11
Mexico4kids Spanish immersion families. Classes, home stays, excursions and much more. boris 11
Universidad De Las Americas Learn more about the different options of Spanish and Culture programs. boris 11
Hiragana Writing Let's study Japanese. It's Free! olowolow 11
Japanese Language School Database It provides information about more than 400 Japanese language schools in Japan. boris 10
CosCom Japanese Language School We provides A Collection of Japanese Sentences with Illustrations and more. boris 10
Understanding Written Japanese A Guide to Learning Hiragana & Katakana. History, origin, and types of kanji. boris 10
Cantonese Learning Centre Get around town expressions, Simple stories / Sentence patterns / Grammar, etc. boris 10
Learn Spanish in Spain - MSN Group Practice Spanish online with good instructors and students of Spanish. boris 10
Amistad Institute Spanish Language, Latino Dancing Lessons, Private Lessons and more. boris 10
English Activity Centre The Centre offer you Preschool Programs, Facilities, Schedule and Fees. boris 10 It is an online English to Urdu dictionary maintained by volunteers. boris 10
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