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Lacemakers of Calais Our members are descendants of English Lacemakers. boris 21
Jean's Lace Definitions Beadwork necklaces, runners, doylies and other craft work. boris 18
Dreams of Lace This site is intended for Lace and Embroidery lovers. boris 17
Gon Homburg Lessons, Michailov lace, Lessons, Gallery, Skansk lace, and more. boris 14
The Structures of Antique Lace Welcome to both lacemakers and antique lace collectors! boris 13
Needlelace Club Needlelace lacemaking. Needle tatting, Irish crochet lace, lace costuming, etc. boris 11
Lace Exhibitions Collection 'Orecchini Chiacchierino' with pictures of tatting earrings. boris 9
Brenda's Lace Lace for Sale, Bibliography of Lacemaking Books, and much more. boris 9
Brenda Paternoster Instructions for making paper bobbins and other lacemaking information. boris 9
Avital's Fibers Floral Torchon Bookmark, Armenian Needlelace, Hairpin Lace, and more. boris 8
Bobbinlace Chat Group Anything related to the craft of making bobbin lace. boris 8
The Lace Museum It is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1981. boris 5
Digital Archive of Documents This site is home for an archive of documents on weaving and related material. boris 5
La Dentelles The national & international demonstrations, the classes in lines, the reports. boris 5 A site for a hand-made bobbin lace. Lace patterns. boris 5
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