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Brenda Paternoster Instructions for making paper bobbins and other lacemaking information. boris 6
The Lace Museum It is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1981. boris 4
Digital Archive of Documents This site is home for an archive of documents on weaving and related material. boris 4
The Structures of Antique Lace Welcome to both lacemakers and antique lace collectors! boris 4
Avital's Fibers Floral Torchon Bookmark, Armenian Needlelace, Hairpin Lace, and more. boris 4
Brenda's Lace Lace for Sale, Bibliography of Lacemaking Books, and much more. boris 4
Gon Homburg Lessons, Michailov lace, Lessons, Gallery, Skansk lace, and more. boris 4
La Dentelles The national & international demonstrations, the classes in lines, the reports. boris 3
Needlelace Club Needlelace lacemaking. Needle tatting, Irish crochet lace, lace costuming, etc. boris 3
Bobbinlace Chat Group Anything related to the craft of making bobbin lace. boris 3
Lacemakers of Calais Our members are descendants of English Lacemakers. boris 2
Dreams of Lace This site is intended for Lace and Embroidery lovers. boris 2
Jean's Lace Definitions Beadwork necklaces, runners, doylies and other craft work. boris 2 A site for a hand-made bobbin lace. Lace patterns. boris 2
Lace Exhibitions Collection 'Orecchini Chiacchierino' with pictures of tatting earrings. boris 1
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