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The SiteRank has paid careful attention to protection of individual privacy. A user's privacy is protected and the convenient and safe community is formed. Explain about how to use the personal information which SiteRank acquires, and management below.

In order to use a more advanced function in SiteRank, it is necessary to have personal information, such as user ID, a password, and an e-mail address, registered. performing this user registration, it can use category creation and site registration service, moreover, you can use service suitable for every person. In use of only browsing of a category, there is no necessity for user's registration.

Since an access user is specified, the user ID and the password which I had registered are used. Moreover, I use a mail address for connection with you, a user. Moreover, these personal information may be shared with the partner company of SiteRank, and an advertiser. However, personal information is not disclosed for a third person without a user's permission. In addition, please understand beforehand that information may be disclosed in what is depended on the demand with the case where laws, such as a criminal-investigation request from the authorities, are applied, or legal effect.

Internally, it enciphers and the registered personal information is severely protected by the firewall to the invasion from the outside. About the password, it is treating as data (it restricts, when the browser is supporting) enciphered by the browser side, and since existing in a server side also flows to a network, a raw password does not become precocious.

SiteRank use Cookies. This Cookie is generated or updated with access and login. Fundamentally, important information, such as a password, is not stored in the Cookie itself. Moreover, the case where Cookie is stolen, and logout forget to carry out, and session management is performed by the server side as a measure. If fixed time passes by this after access from a user is lost, the login will become invalid and, thereby, will raise the security level. in the case of use of the service which specified the user by SiteRank, this Cookie function is confirmed and is used.

I have management of user ID and a password performed in the responsibility of you, a user. It is considered that the responsibility for the act performed using user ID and the password is the responsibility of the user who holds the ID concerned. If its ID should be used without permission, or when ID and the password have been revealed to the third person, please inform SiteRank immediately. Moreover, in case it is ended temporarily, please log out of use of service each time. Keep in mind that SiteRank does not guarantee about the damage produced from disclosure of ID and a password, the unauthorized use, etc.

If you have some question, please contact SiteRank Inc..

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